Mums are Mint Pop Up


We were delighted to join Shiva Designs Bespoke and Bowerbird Ceramics in celebrating all the wonderful Mums out there. It was a shopping experience for everyone and we really did #CAUSEASTIR. Thank you to all those who came out to support us, it was a thrill to meet 💕 and serve🍸our growing Martini Tee tribe in person.

Marina Martini

STIRRED 😎 🍸which Martini are you? When I found out about @martiniteestore and their MARTINI TEES I loved the concept straight away (can you guess WHY? 😂). Besides the connection with my surname, what I love about this brand is that $10 from every tee goes to @unwomensg 💪🏻 🙌🏻 so you look good and feel good 💗 Let's #causeastir together.

Lisa Clayton 


Cause a stir🍸Stirred, Shaken, Dirty or Lychee?  To be honest I don't mind which as long as it gets me in high spirits 😆It's mid-week after all. If a girl can't make a martini in her kitchen on a Thursday in her T-shirt then are you really managing your day to its full potential 😜 @martiniteestore - such cute tees.... made for women who like to have fun, support one another and #causeastir with some proceeds going to the UN Women AND its 100% organic and Fair Wear. I love mine, I might wear it every day, even when I'm not drinking martinis 😉. Made by ladies sharing the love of female fun in a humorous way - I like it!

Sassy Mama  

Sarah Findlay and Nicole Beath are two martini enthusiasts who make fun, fashionable tees for women - with a cause. Made with 100% organic cotton, in Fair Wear certified factories (respecting the rights of the people making their t-shirts with good working conditions and opportunities to acquire new skills, education, and training), every sale of Martini Tees slogan T-shirts donates $10 to the Singapore Committee for UN Women. We love the splashings of Classic, Lychee and Stirred to choose from.  Perfect for a girls night out!

The Insider by Rikke May


The world's finest Friday gift. Which martini are you? I have just received the finest gift. Not only 100% organic cotton and ethically made, but it also comes in the cutest box and donates $10 to UN Women.



This season of giving (and receiving), we've conjured a space to answer your Secret Santa prayers. One of a kind gift ideas that are socially responsible.