Our Recipe

If we were a martini we would take a shot of friendship, stir in the love of simple ethical fashion and pour over a great cause. This was how Martini Tees was born. 

To us a nod the martini sums up what good times are all about, friends sharing stories, laughter and supporting each other.

Feel Good, Do Good

We recognise there are less fortunate women around the world who don't have our freedom and we want to bring attention to these inequalities. This is why we donate $10 from the sale of every Martini Tee to a foundation that works towards giving these women their rights. We want to #causeastir and help create more opportunities for ALL women around the world.   We hope you enjoy martinis and good times as much as we do. We know that you will look and feel good in our tees, but also know you are doing good as you help to make life better for women worldwide. 

The First Of Many

We knew that before we could release our very first Martini Tee we faced the challenging task of having to find our favourite martini. After some enjoyable evenings of research with friends we decided what could be more fitting for a t shirt brand created in Asia than our very own locally adored lychee martini. The fact that the lychee has been the symbol of love for over 2000 years may have swayed us, and it didn't hurt that we absolutely loved the colour palette too.

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